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Design That Drives Your Business Forward

DawsonDan, a proud disabled veteran-owned enterprise, offers a complete product set for businesses to develop and transform their current (or new) digital transformation. Our unique blend of building user experience systems balanced with secure ROI targets, means higher turnover and increased growth.

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Innovative



Our Branding & Website Packages




Logo Design

Branding Guidelines

Website Design

Website Development

Website Publishig

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Logo Design

Branding Guidelines

Website Design

Website Development


SSL Certificate

Business Email Address

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E-Commerce Focused

Dynamic Experience

Business Email Addresses

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Tailored journeys and intricate design for complex web requirements.

Includes all the features in

Essential + Expanded

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We offer comprehensive consulting services to help you get your project off the ground. We identify objectives, develop strategies, and kickstart the project. We will also help you engage stakeholders, increasing collaboration & communication throughout the process. 

& Build

We will create detailed designs and execute the development, systems integration, and testing, as well as providing ongoing support and maintenance after launch. Our goal is to create innovative
unique solutions that meet the specific needs of each client. 


DawsonDan takes a more relevant e-commerce 
approach for our clients. We make sure our targeted approach has a conversion rate that will give a successful ROI. Since it’s a competitive stream, we have simplified processes to engage in stages.


DawsonDan provides customer support well beyond the life of our contracts. We value our clients through their entire digital journey. We thrive on finding solutions, and seeing our clients successes. We are here to assist in boosting your projects or goals.



Business Solutions

We will help you to find increased value from your website, content management system (CMS), and data migration. Additionally, our team can provide training and support to ensure that you can maximize the value of these digital solutions. 

Digital Products

We build software suitable for small to large organizations as well as government. The design process starts from user experience and then develops the relationship between user and owner. Our unique approach will put you in front of your competitors.

Backend Systems

After engaging in discussions with organizations, one thing stood out among the others, and that was that they needed their backend systems to support and grow with their organization. Dawsondan has executed solutions that are simple, user-friendly, & efficient.

AI Data Migration

Our AI data migration provides companies with a reliable and efficient way to move data from one platform to another. Our powerful AI algorithms enable us to quickly and accurately transfer data with minimal disruption to your business operations. 

One Solution Multiple Devices

The digital marketplace is evolving at a rapid speed. Innovating towards mobility is the way to stay on top of the competition. When you work with DawsonDan it will give you a 360 degree solution platform, you can offer services to your clients anywhere and at any time. We see revolutionary developments in small to large organizations as well as government mobility and remote engagement trends, and we know digital transformation is the most significant adaptation for organizations to gain competitive advantage. DawsonDan makes sure your customers can access you on all channels and devices.



Strategy  Oriented



About Us

We are a holistic technological organization with over 20 years of global design and development experience. We have worked with a multitude of different businesses, providing expertise and streamlined solutions to help maximize online presence.

Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to build the perfect solution that meets your unique needs. We find out which way is best for your organization in the long run, and only through discovery and learning can you see which path is best.


Hardware Solutions 


Computer Systems

We offer a comprehensive range of computer systems hardware solutions tailored specifically for the unique needs of government entities. Our hardware

solutions combine innovation, scalability, and stringent security measures to empower government agencies.

Servers and Storage

Our dedication to excellence and commitment to security have positioned us to be a top-tier server and storage solutions provider. Our

cutting-edge hardware can empower your agency to store, manage, and retrieve data with  reliability and security.

Electronics and VR